Application and common problems of 608 bearing


Among the small diameter miniature bearings, the types […]

Among the small diameter miniature bearings, the types of small deep groove ball bearings include 68 series, 69 series and 60 series products in metric and inch systems. Among them, miniature 608 bearings are particularly widely used. There are 6 types of inch R series products. On the basis, it can be divided into rolling bearing series products with ZZ thick steel plate sealing cover, miniature bearing series products with RS silicone sealing ring, Teflon rolling bearing sealing ring series products and series products with flange ribs.

608 bearings are suitable for high-speed rotation and low-noise industries such as various mechanical equipment, small and medium-sized rotating motors, such as:

Office equipment, micro motors, instrumentation, laser marking, small and medium-sized clocks, software controllers, working pressure motor rotors, dental dental drills, solid state disk motors, servo motors, camcorder drums, toy models, electronic computer fans , Money counters, printers and other related industries.

Detection steps for common problems of miniature 608 bearings:

1. Place the yoke on the end surface of the server.

2. Insert the power plug into the power plug with automatic switch.

3. Check whether the wire connector is good or not, use a tester to test after connecting to the power source.

4. Press the start button to connect the server to the power supply.

5. Check that there should be no working voltage between the yoke and the ground.

6. Press the stop button to turn off the server and stop heating.

7. According to different specifications and models of miniature bearings or other steel parts, choose different yoke sleeves, and place this yoke on the top surface of the server, which should be leveled.

About 40% of the ineffectiveness of ultra-miniature bearings is caused by dust, dirt, and debris pollution and erosion. Pollution is generally caused by incorrect application and poor application of the natural environment, and it will continue to cause torque and noise problems.