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6204 Bearings

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Product Details


Inside Diameter (mm): 20
Outside Diameter (mm): 47
Width (mm): 14
Rows Of Balls: single row
Internal Clearance: CN (Standard)
Slot & Snap Ring: no
Ring Material: Chrome Steel
Flange: no
Rolling Element Material: Chrome Steel
Seal: ZZ
Cage Material: Sheet Steel
Full Complement Ball Set: no
Product weight: 0,002Kg

Cixi Yundie Bearing Co., Ltd is famous China 6204-2RS/ZZ/2RZ Bearings Manufacturers and 6204 Bearings suppliers which has become the star enterprise in the bearings field. The latest quality control system contains strict check of every link from original material to end items and the good product quality.We offer 6204 bearing for sale in many type including ZZ,2RS,2RZ and 2RS1 with complete size chart.

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