Bearing dust seal


The life of a sealed bearing is largely determined by i […]

The life of a sealed bearing is largely determined by its sealing performance. The commonly used bearing seal ring is a flanged frame, which is usually press-fitted by hand.

The main disadvantages are:

1. Poor elastic strength

2. Assembly performance is not good

3. Poor sealing performance.

The bearing dust-proof sealing ring adopts a hook-shaped curling structure, which has the following advantages compared with the prior art:

1. Good sealing performance and high sealing strength, because the hook-shaped crimping structure of the skeleton effectively increases the elasticity of the seal ring, and maximizes the compensation for the effect of the size difference of the tooth mouth. It not only depends on the elasticity of the sealing elastomer, but also the crimping The elasticity and strength effect of the structure improve the qualification rate of the cap, and can be mechanically pressed to effectively compact.

2. In order to reduce the wear of bearing parts, maintain the accuracy and stability of bearings, and extend the service life, bearing steel should have good wear resistance.

3. Bearings with sealing rings can prevent the invasion of dirt tightly. The appropriate amount of lubricant has been filled at the factory. No cleaning is required before installation and no additional lubricant is required.

4. When the jack screw on the protruding end of the bearing inner ring is tightened on the shaft. The allowable axial load must not exceed 20% of the rated dynamic load.