Bearings use quality bearings with good quality materials


The lubrication of the motor bearing relies on the lubr […]

The lubrication of the motor bearing relies on the lubricating oil which is separated when the three-dimensional fiber mesh structure in the grease is pulled under the shearing action, and forms a lubricating film on the rotating component, the bearing seat and the bearing race of the bearing to be lubricated. Functioning. When the newly installed grease bearing starts to rotate, the grease is first ejected from the rotating member and circulated and cooled quickly in the cavity of the bearing cap. The grease is then cut from the outside of the rotating bearing race onto the rotating element, and the portion of the grease that is in close contact with the surface of the rotating element breaks the fibrous network structure under shearing action, so that a small amount of deposited lubricating oil is in the rotating component and seat. A lubricating film is formed on the surface of the ring.

The rest of the grease still maintains a good fibrous network structure that acts as a cooling and sealing agent. At the beginning of the bearing rotation, the turbulence of the grease creates frictional heat that causes the bearing temperature to rise to a maximum. Then, with the continuous shearing action of the lubricating oil, after a lubricating film is formed on the rotating component of the bearing, the bearing seat and the bearing race, the frictional heat is gradually reduced, and at the same time, the rotating component is continuously pulled out. The grease in the cavity of the bearing cap also performs a good cooling effect, so that the bearing temperature gradually decreases and approaches an equilibrium value.

In order to reduce heat treatment deformation of bearing ring parts, improve bearing life and reliability, adhere to the operator's certificate, furnace temperature, bath liquid, testing equipment for regular calibration, testing, selection of good quality bearing materials, using operators, It is necessary to determine the “four-set” method of the heat treatment equipment, the fixed process specification, the fixed work instruction, and the process quality control method for the heat treatment of the 6S management at the production site. It can be used as a reference for improving the heat treatment quality of bearing ring parts, and it has strong operability.