Brake Repair Made Easy - Y Bearings

Summary: If you're looking to make a little extra money, or if you just like to look at stuff, you've probably heard of Y Bearin...
If you're looking to make a little extra money, or if you just like to look at stuff, you've probably heard of Y Bearings. They are one of those brands that looks great on the outside but does not seem to do much for the undercarriage. While the Y Bearings website claims they are "made for the new driver" and other folks with a hard time driving read their tag and get excited about the fact that this is a "game-changing performance enhancing braking system". On the face of it all this seems like a very good thing. After all, who wants slow, sluggish brakes?
Of course, one would be silly enough to think this would be good for anyone, let alone someone who drove an expensive vehicle. Brake pads can wear out and even break and brake pads can rust, both of which could cause major problems if they wore out too quickly. And yes, the internet is full of ads for Y Bearings as well as lots of other companies selling brake pads. But are these brakes truly worth the cost?
To begin with, bear in mind that even though the Y Bearings website says they are made for new drivers, this does not mean they will hold up well. The fact is, if you live in an area where you get your brake pads changed on a regular basis (such as Southern California or New York) then yes, they probably will work fine. However, if you live in the north or anywhere that receives less than average temperatures, you should avoid this brand of pad. This is because brakes are one of the most abused parts of a vehicle. Sure, you might notice that they wear out more slowly, but if you live in an area that receives a lot of snow fall, heat, and humidity, this won't matter as much.
Brakes are not cheap to replace, and when you factor in the price per wear and tear versus the price of a new brake system, you are looking at some serious savings. If you have a nice set of Y Bearings that last longer than a few months, you will pay far less in brake repair costs than you would for a new system. Plus, the added life of your brakes will extend the usable life of your car. If you had a blowout and your brakes were damaged, you would have to buy a new vehicle...but with a reliable set of Bearings, you can drive the car on the same day you take it out for a tune-up!
Of course, the main benefit to the Y Bearings brand is their appearance. In almost every picture you see of them, one thing is clear: they look just like every other brake company. You don't see them being wheeled and set up on a stick, you don't see them sitting on a rack at the auto-parts warehouse. Instead, you see them proudly standing at the auto-parts showroom trying to convince an auto-parts warehouse manager that they are the best brand out there. It's a big part of their marketing campaign, and something that makes them stand out from the crowd.
If you're looking for some reasonably priced and reliable brakes, check out the Bearings name. They aren't just another name on the tire rack--Y bears are built by real drivers just like you and me. So when you decide you've found a great new brakes system, don't just think about the price; think about the reason why you bought the system in the first place. If you have to explain why you bought them, that probably means you've found a true bargain.