Detailed introduction of lubrication-free bearings

Summary: The non-smooth bearing has the characteristics of high load capacity, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, a...
The non-smooth bearing has the characteristics of high load capacity, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, and strong self-smoothing ability. It is especially suitable for heavy loads, low speeds, reciprocating or swinging places that are difficult to smooth and form an oil film, and are not afraid of water wash and other acids Erosion and erosion. Smooth bearing products have been widely used in metallurgical continuous casting machines, rolling equipment, mining machinery, molds, hoisting machinery, textile machinery, wind power generation, ships, steam turbines, water turbines, injection molding machines and equipment production lines.
  Abrasion resistance is twice that of ordinary bushings. Superior performance of non-smooth bearing materials: high wear resistance, low wear rate, good self-smoothing performance, low friction coefficient 3. High impact resistance and good toughness. Excellent chemical corrosion resistance, can withstand almost all acid-base salt media (except concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated hydrochloric acid, a few organic solvents) 5. Non-toxic, odorless, no exudation 6. Has elasticity and shock absorption.
Good self-healing, low water absorption 7. Good mechanical properties, can accept larger impacts and loads, due to its excellent toughness, can effectively protect other parts from mechanical damage 8. Low temperature resistance, even at -176℃ It is not brittle, and the reason for the aging of the non-smooth bearing can be found from these four places: the intense vibration is the violent vibration of the non-smooth bearing caused by the failure of the motor.
  In this situation, we want to change the new non-smooth bearing of the same model. The reason for the tight fit is that the gap between the ball and the slideway is too small, the torque becomes larger, and the friction increases, which causes the working temperature of the non-smooth bearing to be too high. Therefore, the correct radial clearance of the non-smooth bearing should be adjusted as much as possible during the installation. The material fatigue is due to the fatigue of the metal material, the non-smooth bearing raceway and the scattered debris on the surface of the ball falling into the smooth grease.
  Incurred an increase in work noise. Therefore, we should consider the normal fatigue of the materials of the smooth bearing, and replace the new bearing of the same model. Contamination and corrosion, check whether there are red and brown spot-like corrosion on the surface of raceways and balls. Machining roughness of non-smooth bearings: Regarding the influence of hardness and processing roughness, non-smooth bearings and steel shafts may have large machining roughness. Increase the tendency of sliding sound.