Development of plastic bearings


  Plastic bearings are developing very fast in for […]


Plastic bearings are developing very fast in foreign countries, but domestic development is in its infancy, mainly in the production of raw materials. Compared with foreign countries, the use of products is lacking, and raw materials are mainly imported. However, in recent years, engineering plastic bearings have excellent performance Still received by many users, its use as a bearing material is ideal.

Why plastic bearings are becoming more popular

1. Advantages of plastic bearings

1) With self-lubricating function

2) Long life

3) Compared with metal bearings, it will not rust and is lighter than metal bearings

4), no noise during operation, and has a certain vibration absorption function

5), plastic sliding bearings suitable for high and low temperature work -200 ~ +250 degrees;

6), better wear resistance

2, plastic bearing test specifications

Let Cloud Technology accept customer's product customization, such as plastic-coated bearings (plastic-coated bearings). Plastic-coated bearings generally refer to a layer of plastic on the outside of the bearing. The plastic material is generally nylon PA, polyoxymethylene POM, and engineering plastics Acrylic, pp. The outer plastic has a certain hardness, impact resistance, abrasion resistance and a certain self-lubricating type.

Plastic-covered bearings are a newly emerging industry in China recently. They are widely used in machinery and equipment, industrial assembly lines, furniture and hardware accessories. According to different application purposes, the outer shape of the plastic-coated bearing can be made into different shapes, and it can be made into a pulley such as a V groove. V-grooves, etc.