Graphite bearing details


  Graphite products are widely used in today's ind […]


Graphite products are widely used in today's industry and require many graphite products, such as antimony-impregnated graphite products, bus alloy graphite products, etc.

Advantages of carbon-graphite products for machinery:

1. Good lubricity

2. Strong chemical resistance

3. Have more stable performance

4. Has a high thermal conductivity

5. The thermal expansion coefficient is extremely small

6. It is easy to process and can be made into products of various specifications

7. Youyong has higher mechanical strength

8. Impact resistance

Graphite bearings are essential as the main sliding parts for the mechanical rotating parts of graphite. For example: seals for equipment such as turbines, chemical reactors, rotary joints, compressors, oxygen generators, blowers and other machines, centrifugal pumps, submersible motors, textile printing and dyeing equipment and other mechanical equipment. If there is a problem with these devices, it will greatly affect the quality of the products.