How To Check The Performance Of Manual Gearbox


The performance and condition of the manual transmissio […]

The performance and condition of the manual transmission are in good condition. There are two major keys: First, whether the clutch has been polished; Second, to make the transmission gear smooth and smooth gear synchronous transmission device, has been worn.

Is the clutch worn? This is relatively easy to recognize, first pay attention to whether the clutch makes a very high frequency sound, and then test the situation of each gear.

When testing the gear, after entering each gear, try to step on the accelerator to accelerate the car, pay attention to whether the clutch will jump away, or the so-called "jump teeth." To know whether or not to "jump teeth", just pay attention to the speed of the engine of the car. If the engine rotates quickly, but the speed of the car does not accelerate correspondingly, it is obvious that the clutch of the car is already in trouble.

If there is a device in the dashboard that shows the engine speed, you can pay attention to the pointer swing of the display plate. If the pointer often suddenly rises or falls suddenly, it clearly indicates that the gearbox is in trouble.

If the synchronous gear is worn, it will feel very rough like gravel when changing gears. When you change gear at a fast speed, it also makes some weird noises.

Pay attention to whether the gear bearings are worn or not, and if so, you will hear a shrill sound coming from the change box.

Another issue worth noting is whether the gear lever will vibrate very much. If it is difficult to get in the teeth at the beginning and the gear lever vibrates like it is about to fall out, it means that the gearbox is about to "die" and it is time to replace it.