How to identify the quality of slewing bearing


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The slewing bearing is a very important part in the machine. Basically, every machine has this part. Because this part is relatively fragile, it can also be regarded as a kind of consumables. Everyone needs to make frequent purchases to maintain the machine. normal operation.

We can start with the brand. If the machine itself is a product of a famous brand, then it is best to buy parts of the same brand. Why, because the alloy formula used by each brand is different. There are subtle differences in the ingredients. Products from a brand have the highest natural compatibility.
Secondly, when we buy the slewing bearing, we should pay attention to the toughness of this product, because this part is very thin, so many parts look good, but it will be reimbursed after a long time in the machine. When choosing, you can actually buy a few more brands and practice them in practice.
The third is in terms of use. When you use this part, you should pay attention to protection work. For the operation of the machine, you can add some lubricating oil to protect it from time to time, which can effectively promote their service life. .