How to improve the slewing bearing


For an important part of industrial parts, the biggest […]

For an important part of industrial parts, the biggest problem facing the industry at present is that there is no improvement. Only continuous research and development and improvement of product design and structure can bring better development and driving force to the entire industry. For example, in the production process of parts, the accuracy issue is still worthy of everyone's attention. The current part accuracy is about plus or minus 0.5 millimeters, but we should also pursue more precise and in place, such as zero Point 2 millimeters, the product can get new development only if it has enough goals.

For example, it is also a big problem to build the material of the slewing bearing. The current use of alloy steel formulated more than ten years ago has not improved at all. This also needs attention, and it should be designed more appropriately. More useful new materials. The last is the structure of the use of parts. At present, such supports are generally composed of four parts. Everyone seems to have no concern about whether the support can be completed with three parts or even one part. In this regard, You also need to invest enough human and material resources.