What You Should Know About 608 Bearing

Summary:If you are looking for a 608 Bearing, you have come to the right place. We are a professional bearing supplier and offer...
If you are looking for a 608 Bearing, you have come to the right place. We are a professional bearing supplier and offer 608 Bearing at the best price. Also, we offer free samples, so you can check their quality and service before purchasing. With our 20 years of experience in OEM services, we can assure you that we are the right choice. Contact us now for more information. We will gladly answer your questions and give you the best 608 Bearing.
This bearing is made of Carbon Steel. It is self-lubricated with oil. The 608 bearing is surrounded by two metal shields, which are difficult to remove when it is dirty. The shields keep dirt, debris, and other particles from damaging the bearing. The 608 Bearing is available in different sizes and fits various types of equipment. These bicycle wheel bearings can be found in many different types of bikes and skateboards.
If you have an old bearing, you can remove the inner and outer shields and lubricate it with an appropriate lubricant. You can use a small screwdriver to remove the protective shields. After doing this, be sure to clean out the bearing with a rag. Household oils may gum up the bearing after a while. To reduce the chances of gumming up, you can use a hypodermic style dispenser.
While 608 Bearings are relatively inexpensive, they do not have the highest ABEC ratings. ABEC is an acronym for Annual Bearings Engineering Committee. It is a standardized way of determining the tolerance of bearings. ABEC 1 is the highest tolerance for a bearing, and ABEC 2 and 3 are the lowest tolerances. A skateboard bearing with ABEC 5 and ABEC 7 is good enough for many applications.
This bearing is made from chrome steel. The chrome steel balls are 3.969 in diameter, and have 7 grade 10 balls. A shield is added to protect the working parts of the bearing from damage. The shield can reduce the lifespan of a bearing and affect its speed. Therefore, it is important to keep the bearing lubricated at all times to reduce the risk of damage or malfunction. If left unlubricated, it will start to wear out quickly.
To clean a 608 Bearing, soak it in a biodegradable detergent. Avoid diluted solutions as they can be harmful. Biodegradable detergents are inexpensive and do not require much water. Using a larger container helps speed up the process. Fill the container with hot or warm water to increase the cleaning time. The resulting cleaner will not tarnish the bearing. Then, simply rinse it with clean water to remove any remaining residue.


Inside Diameter (mm): 8
Outside Diameter (mm): 22
Width (mm): 7
Rows Of Balls: single row
Internal Clearance: CN (Standard)
Slot & Snap Ring: no
Ring Material: Chrome Steel
Flange: no
Rolling Element Material: Chrome Steel
Seal: ZZ
Cage Material: Sheet Steel
Full Complement Ball Set: no
Product weight: 0,002Kg

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