Precautions for use of bearings


Precautions for use of bearings: Bearings are precision […]

Precautions for use of bearings: Bearings are precision parts and should be used with caution. Even high quality bearings, if not used properly, will not produce the desired results.

The precautions for the use of the bearing are as follows:

1) Keep the bearings and the surrounding environment clean. Even the tiny dust that is invisible to the naked eye can adversely affect the bearings. Therefore, keep the area clean so that dust does not intrude into the bearing.

2) Careful use In the event of strong impact on the bearing, it will cause scratches or indentations and induce an accident. In severe cases, cracks and breaks must be taken.

3) Use special tools for bearings. Special tools must be used and cannot be replaced.

4) Avoid bearing rust When you take or put the bearing, the sweat will cause rust. Try to wear gloves and pay attention to corrosive gas.