Preparation before turntable bearing installation


The turntable bearing is an indispensable part of mecha […]

The turntable bearing is an indispensable part of mechanical parts, which plays a very important role, can effectively withstand the gravity of the machine, and make the turntable bearing better support the support force. At the same time, when using the turntable bearing, it is best to prepare for it, so that the bearing effect can be better and more guaranteed. Let's take a look at the preparations before using the turntable bearing.

Preparations before installation of turntable bearings Preparations before installation of turntable bearings:

1. Machining the link surface of the turntable bearing parts to remove the burrs and debris on the surface, which can better ensure the surface effect of the bearing parts.

2. For connection surfaces that cannot be machined, injection molding can be used to make them flat.

3. When the radial load exceeds 10% of the axial load, there should be radiality.

4. When opening the package, do not damage the seal to prevent dust from entering its interior.

5. If it is within the specified anti-rust period, it can be cleaned without disassembly before installation.

6. When installing bolts, you can choose quenched and tempered flat washers.