Process and tooling of eccentric bearing

Summary:   Eccentric bearing is a very useful bearing type. It mainly includes outer ring, inner ring, rolling element basket, ...
  Eccentric bearing is a very useful bearing type. It mainly includes outer ring, inner ring, rolling element basket, rolling element. The eccentric bearing is simple in structure and easy to use. The eccentric function can be completed without the need for an eccentric shaft, which reduces the manufacturing cost of the eccentric mechanism. The eccentric bearing is a cycloid pin wheel deceleration A very important bearing in the machine.
  The original eccentric bearing consists of three parts: an eccentric sleeve and two 502 series cylindrical rollers. The eccentric sleeve and the inner ring of the bearing are integrated into one body to form an eccentric bearing. The processing method edits this type of eccentric bearing. The eccentricity direction of the B and C eccentric outer circle and the A reference outer circle are different at the two ends, and the eccentric size is different, usually within 5mm. Inside, the eccentricity error request is less than 0.05mm. In order to meet the above request, the following process and tooling are adopted.
  First, process all the outer circles of the A datum, leaving a 50mm long 25mm craft chuck at both ends of the shaft, request that the chuck be coaxial with the A datum and the step surface is perpendicular to the A datum. Mill the chucks at both ends of the shaft into flat 42h6. The flat is symmetric with the A reference center and both ends are parallel. Tooling manufacturing: two pieces of card cans. The groove 42H7 is symmetric with the center hole B5, and the end surface of the groove is perpendicular to the center hole.
Install the card can at both ends of the shaft. The eccentric direction of the card should be different. The eccentric direction is controlled by the cooperation of the slot of the card and the flat 42H7/h6 of the shaft; the eccentricity can be adjusted by adjusting the compression screw on the card can Press the end surface of the card tank with the step surface of the shaft to ensure that the center of the shaft is parallel to the center of the card tank. Double clamping is used on the lathe, and the card tank is rotated by four jaws. Measure.
  Adjust the screws on the card tank to different eccentric amounts, and turn each eccentric outer circle to size. When the eccentric shaft is processed, the process chucks at both ends are cut off. This method is cumbersome and reliable, and prevents the cumbersome processing method (boring machine to punch the center hole). It can be applied to multiple eccentric shafts with different directions. Processing. Bearing features Edit the features of eccentric bearings: the inner hole of the inner ring is an eccentric hole, and there is a longitudinal keyway on the inner wall of the eccentric hole.