Relevant introduction of oil bearing

Summary: Take you to understand what is an oil bearing Oil-impregnated bearings, or Porous Bearings, use metal powder as the mai...

Take you to understand what is an oil bearing

Oil-impregnated bearings, or Porous Bearings, use metal powder as the main raw material. Oil-impregnated bearings are sintered bodies manufactured by powder metallurgy. They are originally porous and have the ability to adjust the pores more freely during the manufacturing process. Technical advantages such as quantity, size, shape and distribution. Technical advantages of porous bearing.

  Use the porosity of the sintered body to make it impregnated with 10%-40% (volume fraction) of lubricating oil, and use it under self-oil supply. With the development of the oil-impregnated bearing industry from time to time, more and more industries and companies have used oil-impregnated bearings, and a large number of companies have participated in the oil-impregnated bearing industry. No need to add lubricating oil and other characteristics.

  Especially suitable for working environments that are not easy to be smooth or oily dirty. Porosity is an important parameter of oil-bearing bearings. Oil-impregnated bearings working at high speeds and light loads require high oil content and high porosity; oil-impregnated bearings working at low speeds and heavy loads require high strength and low porosity. This kind of bearing was created at the beginning of the 20th century because of its low manufacturing cost and convenient use. It has been widely used and has become an indispensable basic part for the development of various industrial products such as automobiles, home appliances, sound equipment, office equipment, agricultural machinery, and fine machinery. Oil-impregnated bearings are divided into copper-based, iron-based, copper-iron-based, etc. Stainless steel corrosion-resistant bearings Stainless steel corrosion-resistant bearings are applied with porous characteristics or affinity with smooth oil. Before the bearing device is used, the smooth oil is soaked in the bearing material.

  The bearing can be operated without adding lubricating oil or for a long time without lubricating oil. This kind of bearing is called oil-impregnated bearing. When the oil-impregnated bearing is in a non-operating state, smooth oil fills its pores. During operation, the shaft rotates and generates heat due to friction, and the bearing bush heat shrinks to reduce the pores, so the smooth oil overflows and enters the bearing gap. When the shaft stops rotating, the bearing shell cools, the pores are restored, and the smooth oil is sucked back into the pores.