Slewing bearing maintenance and lubricant selection


    Carefully choose slewing bearing maintena […]



Carefully choose slewing bearing maintenance and lubricant selection, this is a deep knowledge.


Slewing bearings play a very important role in construction machinery and can control the operation of machinery. In order to prevent problems with the use of slewing bearings in the future, it is necessary to do maintenance work. Next, Cixi Yundie Bearing Co.,Ltd will introduce the maintenance of slewing bearing and the selection of lubricating oil.


A small amount of lubricating oil is added to the slewing bearing at the factory. Before starting, it must be fully filled with lubricant according to the working environment. The lubricant can be selected as No. 2 extreme pressure lithium-based grease. And when the slewing bearing works every 100 hours, the rollers should be added with lubricating oil every 50 hours of operation, and every time it is added, the lubricating oil should be filled in the raceway until there is grease leakage from the seal. The preload force must be sufficient to maintain the preload force.


When the slewing bearing is running, if it encounters noise, impact, or failure to run, it should be stopped immediately to check and eliminate the fault, so as to ensure that the slewing bearing will not have any problems during operation. In the aspect of cleaning, the slewing bearing cannot be directly cleaned with clean water to prevent water from entering the raceway and to prevent hardness or debris from entering, resulting in misalignment of the slewing bearing teeth. When it is found that the seal of the slewing bearing is damaged, it should be replaced in time to prevent major problems during the operation.