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How to maintain after slewing bearing work, turntable bearing, slewing bearing manufacturer - Cixi Yundie Bearing Co.,Ltd

The slewing bearing plays a very important role in large construction machinery. In order to extend the life of the slewing bearing, the slewing bearing must be well maintained. Especially after the work is more important for the maintenance of the slewing bearing, then, how to maintain the slewing bearing after work?

Most customers have misunderstandings in the maintenance of slewing bearings, thinking that the lubricating oil of the slewing bearings is the same as the lubrication period of the large and small arms, and apply it every day. In fact, this approach is wrong. If the lubrication period is too short, it will cause too much lubricating oil in the bearing, which will break the dust ring and leak out. At the same time, there will be impurities into the bearing, which will damage the normal operation of the bearing. The lubrication interval of general slewing bearings is about every 250 hours. The lubrication cycle can be adjusted appropriately for different operating intensities. It is most suitable to apply it once a week.

The No. 2 extreme pressure lithium base grease applied to the slewing bearing at the factory is refilled with new grease according to different working conditions when it is activated. The slewing bearing raceway should be regularly filled with grease. Refueling once every 100 hours of operation, roller type support refueling once every 50 hours. Under special circumstances, such as tropical zone, high humidity, dust, and large temperature difference, during continuous operation, to shorten the lubrication cycle, the machine must also be filled with new grease before and after long-term shutdown, and each time the lubrication must be injected into the raceway Full of grease until it oozes out from the sealing tape. When filling grease, slowly turn the slewing bearing to make the grease fill evenly. The tooth surface must be cleaned regularly. You can choose to lubricate according to your own situation. Grease, in the first 100 hours of transfer, check the preload of the bolts in time, and check every 500 hours afterwards to ensure that there is sufficient preload. It is forbidden to use water only to wash the slewing bearing to prevent water from entering the raceway Hard objects enter the tooth meshing area, regularly check the integrity of the seal, and find that they should be reset in time.