Solution to high motor bearing temperature

Summary: Solution to high motor bearing temperature To solve the problem of excessively high motor bearing temperature, Jiashi B...
Solution to high motor bearing temperature
To solve the problem of excessively high motor bearing temperature, Jiashi Bearing has many years of experience in the production and development of motor bearings. Here are a few solutions:
1. If the bearing of the motor in operation is over-temperature, check whether the piston pin of the motor bearing is damaged. If it is damaged, change it and replace it.
2. When disassembling and replacing the grease, if the hard particles are infiltrated or the bearing is not cleaned up, the bearing damage will be aggravated and the bearing will be overheated, or even the bearing will be destroyed. The bearing and bearing end cover should be cleaned and cleaned, and then the grease should be removed again.
3. Less oil in the bearing chamber. Long-term operation of motor bearings with little oil, aggravated friction and wear, makes the bearings over-temperature. For maintenance on time, grease should be added to fill up the 2/3 pits or grease should be added to the standard oil level line to prevent the motor bearing from operating with little oil.
4. The grease model is wrong. It is necessary to replace and replace the grease of the appropriate type and specification as soon as possible.
5. Too much lubricating grease in the rolling bearing is blocked, and the excessive lubricating grease in the rolling bearing should be eliminated.
6. The grease has residue, is very dirty, too thick, or the air ring is stuck. The grease should be disassembled and replaced, and repairs should be carried out to find out the cause of the jam. If the oil viscosity is too high, the grease should be replaced.
7. The matching of the bearing and the shaft, the bearing and the bearing end cover is too loose or too tight, and too tight will cause the bearing to deform, and it is very easy to produce "running sleeve". When the bearing and the shaft fit too loosely, the motor shaft can be painted with pearl paint or the bearing end cover can be sleeved. If it is too tight, it should be produced and processed again.
8. The transmission belt is too tight, too loose, the coupling is not installed well or the center of the motor is not on the same parallel line, which causes the bearing load to increase and become hot. The tightness of the transmission belt should be adjusted; the coupling should be calibrated.
9. Due to improper installation, the bearing end cover level is inconsistent, resulting in no parallel line between the center of the two shafts or imbalance on the outer side of the bearing, making the bearing rotation difficult, and the friction intensifies after carrying the load, and it should be reassembled.
10. The two side covers or bearing covers of the motor are not installed properly, and they are not parallel surfaces, resulting in the lack of proper parts of the bearings. Install the two side covers or the notches of the bearing cover evenly.