Take you to understand the working principle of universal bearings

Summary:   Universal joint bearing refers to the mechanical structure that uses ball connection to complete the power transmiss...
  Universal joint bearing refers to the mechanical structure that uses ball connection to complete the power transmission of different shafts. It is a very important part of automobile bearings. The combination of universal joint and drive shaft is called universal joint drive installation. The classification of universal joint bearings: constant velocity universal thrust ball bearing joints, constant velocity universal joints, ball cage universal joints, three-pin shaft universal joint bearing joints, double-plant joint universal joints, etc.
  The drive shaft is omitted from the front-wheel-drive vehicle with the front engine, and the universal joint device is between the front axle half shaft and the wheel, which is both driving and steering. On vehicles with front-mounted engine and rear-wheel drive, the universal joint transmission is installed between the output shaft of the transmission and the input shaft of the drive axle final drive.
  Universal joint bearings are introduced in automobile drive trains and other systems. In order to complete the power transmission between the rotating shafts whose axes intersect or whose relative position changes frequently, universal transmission installation is necessary. 2- Transmission shaft. The universal drive installation is generally composed of universal joints and rolling mill bearing drive shafts, sometimes with intermediate supports, which are mainly used in the following positions. 1- Universal joint. 3- Front drive shaft.
  The middle full roller bearing supports the transmission between the transmission and the drive axle of the engine and the front rear wheel drive car. When the transmission and the drive joint bearing bridge are far apart, the transmission shaft should be divided into two or more segments, and an intermediate support should be added. Due to the deformation of the frame, there will be formed between the two transmission parts whose axis positions change with each other.
  The transmission between the transfer case and the drive axle or between the drive axle and the drive axle of a multi-axis drive car is between the initiator and the transmission. Between the car with independent suspension and the differential self-aligning ball bearing. The power output of the car between the differential of the steering drive axle and the wheels is installed in the linear motion bearing and the steering control mechanism.