What are the application scenarios of deep groove ball bearings

Summary: What are the application scenarios of deep groove ball bearings Application places of deep groove ball bearings 1. Roll...
What are the application scenarios of deep groove ball bearings
Application places of deep groove ball bearings
1. Rolling industrial equipment for ore dressing plants, mining and smelting plants.
2. High-spec bearings for electromechanical equipment in power stations, gas turbines, and electric motor plants. Most of this kind of machinery and equipment runs continuously, bearing large bearing capacity, inconvenient assembly and disassembly, and troublesome disassembly and replacement. Therefore, the bearing quality is stipulated to be very high, wear-resistant and pressure-resistant.
3. Packaging and printing, packaging equipment, food machinery and equipment, independent bearings and outer spherical bearings.
4. Plastic, chemical fiber machinery, plastic film stretching, independent bearings and high temperature bearings.
5. Precision bearings for small toys, clocks, electronic devices, audio-visual products, machinery and equipment.
6. Bearings are used for textiles, washing and dyeing, leather processing, and mechanical equipment. This kind of bearing is precise, compact, durable, high speed ratio, and noisy
7. Bearings are used for wine, beverage equipment, and medical machinery and equipment.
8. Bearings are used for crushing, ceramic machinery, biochemical machinery and equipment. The application environment of this kind of machinery and equipment is relatively poor, and there are many hazards such as foggy water, body moisture, dust, strong acid and alkali, etc., which require strong sealing of the bearing, sufficient and effective grease, deep groove ball bearing specifications and models, and suitable lubricating grease . Bearing (Bearing) is a key component in today's industrial equipment. Its key function is to support the mechanical equipment to rotate the workpiece, reduce the friction coefficient in the whole process of fitness exercise, and ensure its rotation accuracy (accuracy).
Deep groove ball bearing
Deep groove ball bearings This list of radial ball bearings is a commonly used rolling bearing. Its characteristics are low friction and high speed ratio. It can be used on parts that bear radial load or a coordinated load of radial and axial other functions, and can also be used on parts that bear axial load, such as small output power motors, Transmissions for cars and tractors, reducers for CNC lathes, general equipment, special tools, etc.
The principle of deep groove ball bearing is the key to bear radial load, and it can also bear radial load and axial load in addition. When it only bears radial load, the interfacial tension is zero. When the deep groove ball bearing has a large radial backlash, it has the characteristics of an angular contact bearing and can withstand a large axial load. The friction resistance of the deep groove ball bearing is not large, and the limit speed ratio is also high. Deep groove ball bearings are mainly used to bear radial loads, but they are also commonly used to bear combined radial and axial loads. Very high speed ratio of industrial equipment, deep groove ball bearings, when torsion bearings are not suitable, the bearings can be used to withstand double pure axial loads, and there is no need for maintenance during the working period, which is low in price and widely used in main purposes. A kind of bearing. Deep groove ball bearings can be used in transmissions, instrumentation equipment, motors, electrical products, gas turbines, transportation vehicles, agricultural machinery, construction engineering machinery, engineering machinery and equipment, roller skates, yo-yos, etc.