What are the precautions for bearing assembly staff

Summary: What are the precautions for bearing assembly staff The safety operation specifications for bearing assemblers include...
What are the precautions for bearing assembly staff
The safety operation specifications for bearing assemblers include the following points:
(1) Assembly workers should receive various safety knowledge education from processing plants, earnestly implement relevant laws and regulations, production safety and labor protection policies and requirements, and strictly implement safety operation technical specifications and various safety management systems.
(2) Assembler workers must have a safety operation certificate before they can enter the job. Anyone who fails the safety operation assessment, apprentices and trainee staff cannot enter the job without approval.

(3) When assembling workers enter the post, they must keep the labor protection supplies tidy. Non-labor protection products, such as collars, high-heeled shoes, etc., are forbidden to wear to prevent safety accidents.
(4) The pressure machinery used for assembly should have safety protection equipment. Regarding the adjustment of the axial press, the technical specifications for safety adjustment should be followed. When adjusting, the press guide slider should be stopped at the bottom dead center, and then the assembly abrasive tool with the bearing should be pushed, and then the guide slider should be lowered to the necessary stroke arrangement. When the press is working, both hands should leave the bearing to assemble the abrasive tool, and it is not allowed to continuously shoot the slide block of the press and work.
(5) The electric riveting machine used for assembly should be working under the working voltage, and should have a grounding system and a working voltage current limiter safety device.
(6) Among the assembly staff, operating staff without working pressure or electric riveting professional qualification certificates are not allowed to operate presses, electric riveting machines and other machinery and equipment.
(7) In the whole process of the screen distribution sleeve facility, the bearing ring or the semi-finished processed bearing installed into the turning body is not suitable for placing too high and congested to prevent safety accidents.
(8) The transportation of bearings and parts should be handled with care, so that on the one hand, it can ensure that the bearing surface is not bumped and bumped, and on the other hand, it can also ensure the safety of the workers.
(9) When the bearings or their parts are cleaned with automotive gasoline or gasoline, they should be carried out in accordance with the application requirements and safety regulations of automotive gasoline or gasoline to prevent safety accidents.

(10) The gas in the assembly room is relatively weak, especially when operating under a relatively closed standard. The assembly staff should have a moderate rest day.
(11) There should be emergency measures in the assembly room. When an unexpected situation occurs, the employees should withdraw from the workshop and check the staff in a disciplined manner.