What are the ways to avoid motor bearing failure?


Bearing teaches you three ways to avoid motor bearing f […]

Bearing teaches you three ways to avoid motor bearing failure

People who have used motor bearings often encounter bearing failures, and then they go to the manufacturer for repairs, so can we avoid motor bearing failures? Then the editor of Yundie bearing will teach you three ways to avoid bearing failure.

Yundie bearing teaches you three ways to avoid motor bearing failure

Bearings are precision parts of mechanical equipment. How to increase productivity in factories, first of all, the performance of mechanical equipment must be good, and one of the relationships with the performance of mechanical equipment is the bearing. Therefore, the factory must conduct a good inspection of the bearings in the machinery and equipment during production and processing. For the sake of safety, Cixi Yundie Bearing Co.,Ltd shares the three major identification methods of bearing faults, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

1. Recognition by voice

Recognition by voice requires extensive experience. It must be fully trained to be able to distinguish between bearing sounds and non-bearing sounds. For this reason, a dedicated person should be used to carry out this work as far as possible. You can clearly hear the sound of the bearing with a listening device or a listening stick attached to the shell.

2. Identify by working temperature

This method is a comparative identification method and is limited to occasions where the operating state is not very changed. For this reason, the temperature must be continuously recorded. When a fault occurs, the temperature will not only increase, but also irregular changes. It is appropriate to use this method together with the voice recognition method.

3. Identify by the state of the lubricant

The lubricant is sampled and analyzed, and judged by its degree of contamination, whether foreign matter or metal powder is mixed in, etc. This method is effective for bearings that cannot be observed closely or for large bearings.