What is the relationship between bearing radial clearance and lubrication?


  The relationship between ideal radial clearance […]


The relationship between ideal radial clearance and lubrication in bearing application

Accurately grasp the radial clearance of the bearing. The amount of pushing in the process of pushing determines the degree of cooperation of the bearing, so the initial radial clearance of the bearing should be measured before installation. In the whole process, it is also necessary to continuously measure the radial clearance until it reaches the more aspirational interference cooperation.

Because temperature is affected by smoothness, speed, load, and environment, today's data only needs a rough temperature scale. The effect of bearing smoothness Smoothness has an important influence on the fatigue life and conflicts, wear, temperature rise, and oscillation of the tumbling bearing. Without normal smoothness, the bearing cannot be operated. Analysis of the causes of bearing damage indicated that about 40% of bearing damages were related to poor smoothness. Therefore, the outstanding smoothness of the bearing is a useful way to reduce bearing conflict and wear. In addition, the smoothness of the bearing also has various effects such as heat dissipation, rust prevention, sealing, and flat cushioning. The effect of the smoothness of the bearing can be briefly explained as follows:

A layer of oil film is formed between the rolling surfaces or sliding surfaces that touch each other to separate the two surfaces, reducing the conflict and wear of the touch surfaces. When the oil is smooth, especially when the circulating oil is smooth, the oil mist is smooth and the spray is smooth, the smooth oil can take away most of the conflict heat inside the bearing and play a useful heat dissipation effect. It can also prevent foreign matter such as external dust from entering the bearing, which has the effect of shutting down and avoiding metal corrosion. This can effectively extend the fatigue life of the bearing.


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