Why does the motor bearing position wear?


The root cause of motor bearing wear: (1) Machining acc […]

The root cause of motor bearing wear:

(1) Machining accuracy: For the mutual cooperation between the components, the heat treatment method of the shaft surface, and the machining accuracy have a fundamental effect on the life of the shaft. Generally speaking, the higher the smoothness of the shaft surface and the higher the circle value, the greater the mating degree between the shaft surface and the inner hole of the bearing, the more symmetrical the bearing force of the mating surface, the smaller the bearing force of the total area, which can reasonably slow down the mutual Brittle fracture of the mating surface. In addition, the heat treatment method of the shaft surface is also very critical. The shaft surface strength and ductility are moderate, which can reasonably ensure the life of the shaft. The mutual fit between the shaft and the inner hole of the motor bearing generally adopts a transition fit. If the clearance fit is too large, it is very easy to cause the bearing oil gap to be too small, the bearing to become hot, and aggravate the wear of the bearing; if the interference is too small, then the bearing The relative speed between the hole and the shaft is very easy to produce, resulting in the axial and radial double wear of the shaft, so high-precision machining accuracy is also one of the key factors that determine the life of the shaft;

(2) Fatigue and wear of components: Fatigue and wear of metal materials cannot be prevented, but they can be slowed down according to proper maintenance methods. According to different bearing materials and grades, it is necessary to prepare and master the cycle time of bearing disassembly and replacement in advance. Long-term operation of the bearing cannot be replaced immediately. The operating backlash will continue to increase. When the oil gap expands to a certain level, the vibration of the machinery and equipment will also increase. The expansion of vibration of machinery and equipment will also cause devastating damage to each location, so that it will enter a polarization. Therefore, it is very important to check the bearing backlash regularly, and work out an effective bearing disassembly cycle time;

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(3) Invalid sealing performance: the situation immediately caused by the ineffective sealing performance 1: grease leaks, resulting in poor lubrication of the bearing; second, external water and solid residues enter the motor bearing, aggravating the erosion and wear of the bearing, etc. If the bearing is more serious, it will cause the bearing wheel to lock up and burn; once the bearing is burnt, the motor bearing part will be heated, the temperature will rise, and the bearing inner hole and the bearing surface will immediately melt on the spot, resulting in a motor Damage to the shaft;

(4) Normal maintenance inspection is not immediate or lack of maintenance inspection methods: during the whole maintenance inspection process, it is not possible to immediately and reasonably detect the noise and vibration caused by the bearing wear on the spot. In the end, it will be immediately due to excessive bearing wear. Or indirectly cause the wear of the bearing position.