6203ZZ Bearing Types and Applications

Summary:There are many applications for the 6203ZZ Bearing. You'll find them in everything from agricultural machinery to convey...
There are many applications for the 6203ZZ Bearing. You'll find them in everything from agricultural machinery to conveyors and electric motors. They're also used in power tools, gearboxes, and even in robotics. Learn more about 6203ZZ bearings in this article. This article also looks at the Shielded and Seal versions. So, what exactly is this bearing and why do we need it?
Single-row deep groove ball bearing 6203 ZZ are a popular choice for a variety of purposes. Compared to other deep groove ball bearings, they offer higher load capacities and longer life. They are available in several types, including shielded and sealed. Both sealed and shielded varieties come with the proper amount of grease, which extends the range of operating temperatures.
The single-row deep groove ball bearing 6203ZZ features a shielded design and radial internal clearance. The bearing's dimensions are 17x40x12, which makes it suitable for applications requiring standard radial clearance. NSK is a leading manufacturer of ball bearings, and their breadth of products makes them a smart choice for many different applications.
Applications of 6203 ZZ bearing
The applications of 6203ZZ bearing are diverse and include industrial and agricultural machinery, CNC machinery, trucks, elevators, and robotics. In addition, this bearing is used in a variety of household appliances and power tools, as well as gearboxes and motors. Its high precision honed raceways help it to withstand a wide range of operating temperatures. Here are some of the main types of 6203ZZ bearings and some of their most popular applications.
The 6203-2Z bearing is a 17mm single row, deep-grooved, sealed ball bearing. Its OD is 40mm and it is available in two different versions, one with a metal shield and the other with a rubber seal. These bearings are commonly used in motors, textile machinery, and print machinery. They can also be customized to have a custom logo. All six types of 6203 ZZ bearings are durable and have long working life.
Shielded version
The shielded version of the 6203 ZZ bearing offers a number of benefits. The bearing's sealed design keeps it from damaging the surrounding environment while the shielded version is resistant to external influences. It can be used in a variety of applications, from agricultural machinery to CNC machines and trucks. Other uses include house appliances, power tools, and gearboxes. This type of bearing is available in both metal and rubber seal versions.
The 6203-ZZ and 6203-2RS ball bearings are both made of high-quality Chrome Steel. They feature two metal shields and rubber seals. Both versions are useful in a wide range of applications. If you need a bearing that is shielded, choose the 6203-ZZ. The 6203-2Z bearing is a 17mm radial ball bearing with a 40mm OD. The bearing is suited for high-speed applications, especially those requiring heavy radial loads.
Seal version
The 6203-2RS-12 bearing is a 17mm radial deep groove ball bearing with sealed sides made from chrome steel and rubber. This bearing has a 40mm OD, is made from chrome steel, and has deep groove geometry that is ideal for high speeds and heavy radial loads. Both versions of the 6203 ball bearing have a high quality that can accommodate the demands of electric motors. There is no need to worry about contamination as these bearings are greased and self-lubricated.
The 6203-2RS bearing is available in two versions, a seal and a shielded version. The Seal version features precision honed raceways and is usually used in CNC machines and agricultural machinery. The Seal version is designed to protect the working parts from environmental debris, which can reduce speed and life. It also features a low noise and vibration level. The 6203-2RS bearing is widely used in various industrial applications, including electric motors, conveying equipment, trucks, trains, and mining equipment.