Different types of bearings are available depending on the application

Summary:Types of Bearings Depending on the application, different types of bearings are available. These include sealed and shi...
Types of Bearings
Depending on the application, different types of bearings are available. These include sealed and shielded bearings. These are commonly used in office automation equipment, large motors, and medical equipment. They provide a reliable seal and are suitable for a wide variety of applications.
Ball bearings can be divided into two main categories, namely, radial and cylindrical. The former is intended to be used with light oil, while the latter is for use with grease. The bearings are also made from different materials, including metal, rubber, and plastic. Besides, they can be sealed or open, and can be manufactured in a variety of sizes. However, they all need to be lubricated for proper operation.
Rubber-sealed ball bearings are ideal for use with grease. They prevent moisture and dust from entering the bearing, and they are also more resistant to rust. This allows the bearing to move faster. But, they are not suitable for use with dirt and larger debris. Similarly, shielded bearings can also be beneficial, as they help retain lubrication inside the bearing.
A shielded bearing is one that does not have contact with the inner ring. It is a similar design to an open bearing, but with a metallic shield on both sides. These can be manufactured from 1008 or 1010 strip steel, or 300 series stainless steel. The shield can also be pressed into the bearing and retained in the outer ring with crimping. Once the bearing is installed, it is not possible to remove the shield.
On the other hand, an open bearing is meant to be lubricated with light oil, and it is intended to be used in enclosed areas. Both of these types of bearings can have varying degrees of free play, but they have a much higher resistance to frictional drag. Compared to rubber-sealed bearings, they are easier to install and maintain. In addition, they are designed to operate at low speeds, which makes them ideal for motors.
The inner-race of an open bearing has a high contact pressure, causing friction. This friction increases the temperature of the bearing. If the inner-race is covered by a rubber or metal shield, this friction can be reduced, and the bearing can move more quickly. The shielded version of a radial bearing is not affected by vibration and noise, and it can be made from different materials to fit a variety of applications. These types of bearings are often used in sports applications, as they are suited for use in action sports. They can also be adapted to other sports, such as skateboarding.
Moreover, bearings can be classified based on their size and width. For example, there are large bore bearings with a labyrinth-type rubber seal. This type of seal is also designed to be used for idlers. Alternatively, there are double-lip rubber seals that are available for larger-bore bearings. These seals have grooves in the inner ring, which creates a more effective seal.
Lastly, there are different types of metallic seals, which can be utilized with ball bearings. These seals can be metal, felt, or rubber. These shields allow a bearing to move more quickly, but they do not provide as much contaminant prevention as a rubber-sealed bearing.