The 6301 Bearing Is a Single-Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing With a 6301-2RS Seal

Summary:Among the many different bearing types, the 6301 bearing is a deep groove ball bearing that is rated at 28000 rpm. These...
Among the many different bearing types, the 6301 bearing is a deep groove ball bearing that is rated at 28000 rpm. These bearings are ideal for use in a variety of applications. They have a high-quality construction and are designed to withstand the demands of electric motors. They also have low noise and are durable.

A wide range of manufacturers makes these bearings. For example, the Cixi Yundie Bearing Co.,Ltd brand is well-known for high-quality Japanese ball bearings. However, there are other brands that are available as well. TBBS, for instance, offers a broad selection of quality radial ball bearings, and they are capable of meeting the demands of any application.

Cixi Yundie Bearing Co.,Ltd produce high-quality single-row deep groove ball bearings that are designed to handle a range of applications. They offer a wide variety of seals and designs, so that customers can find one that meets their needs. They are able to provide specific inventory details and lead times.

The main difference between the 6301 and the other ball bearings is that the 6301-2RS is a sealed bearing. This means that it has a rubber seal on each side, so that the lubricant is held in place and contaminants are kept out. The sealed version of the bearings is better for applications that require protection from liquids. It also has a good grease retention capability.

Cixi Yundie Bearing Co.,Ltd single-row deep groove ball bearings are a popular choice for a number of applications. They are simple in design, but have a high load capacity and are suitable for both low- and high-speed operation. They also require less maintenance. They are ideal for OEM and replacement applications. They are also designed to work in combination with both axial and radial forces. The 6301-2RS is a 12mm bearing that has a 37mm outer diameter.

The 6301-2RS is an excellent option for users looking for a deep groove ball bearing with a balanced performance. The bearing is made of chrome steel and is pre-lubricated with a coating of bearing grease. It features a 12-mm inner diameter and is suitable for a number of applications. It is stable and has good spinning characteristics. The limiting speed of this ball bearing is 28000 rpm, and it has a standard lubrication enhancement.

The 6301 bearing has a variety of applications, including power tools, automotive, robotics, and agricultural equipment. It can also be used in ship rudder shafts and CNC machinery. In fact, it is the preferred bearing for many different industries. The bearings are also used in mining and electric motors, among others.

The 6301 ball bearing is a solid product that is capable of withstanding the demands of electric motors. It is manufactured to a high-quality standard and can be customized to include a shield or a single seal. The limiting speed of the bearing is 28000 rpm, and the overall dimensions are based on DIN 625-1. If you need a large quantity of these bearings, you can email the manufacturer.

Inside Diameter (mm): 12
Outside Diameter (mm): 37
Width (mm): 12
Rows Of Balls: single row
Internal Clearance: CN (Standard)
Slot & Snap Ring: no
Ring Material: Chrome Steel
Flange: no
Rolling Element Material: Chrome Steel
Seal: ZZ
Cage Material: Sheet Steel
Full Complement Ball Set: no
Product weight: 0,002Kg