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As a creative China Y Bearing Manufacturers and Y Bearing Suppliers, Cixi Yundie Bearing Co.' Ltd offer productions and services for industry equipment and makes an industry chain platform about bearings with international level to promote efficiency and reduce cost.Through ten year's growth, we not only provide single row deep groove ball bearings, stainless steel deep groove ball bearings, double row deep groove ball bearings and other standard bearings for customers but also offer professional non-standard wholesale Y Bearing order service to our customers. We have owned the international authoritative system certifications like ISO. We also offer detailed Y Bearing size chart.


Why rolling bearings are relatively easy to replace and maintain

Rolling bearings offer the important advantage of being easily replaceable and maintainable, which is essential for increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness in a variety of ind...

How rolling bearings contribute to the reduction of vibrations and noise

Rolling bearings play a vital role in reducing mechanical vibration and noise. Vibration and noise not only affect operator comfort, but can also indicate inefficiency, wear and po...

Some notable applications of rolling bearings

In mining and construction equipment, bearings support heavy machinery such as excavators, bulldozers and cranes, carrying huge loads and providing smooth movement for efficient op...

The intricate mechanisms that enable rolling bearings to minimize friction, enhance energy efficiency

Reducing friction and improving energy efficiency are key concerns in the field of industrial machinery, and rolling bearings are of great significance as a key component to meet t...

How to improve the load-bearing capacity of deep groove ball bearings

Deep groove ball bearings play an important role in industrial machinery. However, in some high-load conditions, their load-bearing capacity needs to be further improved to meet th...

What are the structural characteristics of deep groove ball bearings

Deep groove ball bearings are common rolling bearings in the field of industrial machinery, and their structural characteristics are crucial to the operation of mechanical equipmen...


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